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Värjspets skruvar NEPS

NEPS universalla skruvar till värjspets,

förpackning med 10st


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The special screw driver fits into the hole in the screw to enable easier installation, without the fiddling about with alignment or the screw falling off the tool.

  • This new design reduces the chance of the screws falling out of the tip.

  • The NEPS steel collar protects against over tightening so the inner isolation layer of the tip cannot be broken. This prevents against short-circuits.

  • The screws can be installed both ways round , so it's much easier and faster to align them with the screw holes in the tip.

  • The NEPSdriver holds the screw securely with the needs to magnetize it making it much easier to install the screws. Also a standard flat head screwdriver can be used .

50 kr