Leon Paul

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Komplett värj klinga, standard från Leon Paul. storlek 5

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Önskar du beställa Leon Paul klinga med Uhlmann spets, beställ ej komplett klinga från Leon Paul, Uhlmann spets och tråd, servisavgift 50kr för montering tillkommer.

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Från tillverkarens sida:

Wired with Leon Paul 'German Style' Epee Tip

Fusing British manufacture with German design to give you the best Epee point possible. The latest design for our contact spring now features the same tightly wound ‘one way’ spring that is found in German style Epee points. This means the spring can only be wound onto the thread and cannot be unwound in use. This innovation eliminates this problem of the spring moving up on the thread leading to the point failing the gauge test and prevents the need to stretch the spring.

The Lightest most durable non FIE epee blade in the world. A unique patented design allows us to cold forge these blades greatly reducing defects in the steel and giving the greatest lifespan of any non FIE blade. In the old method of forging an epee blade the heating process adds stresses and fractures this is avoided in our method. The V formed Epee blade completes on average 4500 cycles on our testing machine meaning that it is a safe blade and great value for money.

  • Lightest Epee blade in the world

  • Most durable non FIE blade in the world


weight size 5: 150g | size 2: 147g | size 0: 124g

weight size 5: 5 5/16oz | size 2: 5 3/16oz | size 0: 4 6/16oz


Length size 5: 89.5cm | size 2: 81.5cm | size 0: 77cm

Length size 5: 34" 14/16 | size 2: 31" 13/16 | size 0: 30"

Balance point

The balance point is measured from the forte of the blade

Balance Point: 31cm | Balance Point: 28cm | Balance Point: 25cm

Balance Point: 12" 1/16 | Balance Point: 10" 15/16 | Balance Point: 9" 12/16

750 kr