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About En Garde Fencing Equipment

En garde Fencing Equipment Supplier was founded in 2007. The reason of startup was the lack of local Fencings equipment supplier, and hence the difficulty in providing adequate equipment.

The owner of En garde Fencing Equipment Supplier is Tomasz Góral, fencer (mainly foil) with many years of experience, crewman of Polish National Team, multiple medalist of National Championship of Poland and Sweden, the Fencing coach. His students have won more than 120 medals Championships in Sweden all ages during last seasons.

Using his own experience, and knowing the importance of appropriately selected equipment fencing advice each customer according to their individual needs and tastes. Our priority is that every customer was satisfied with cooperation with us and its equipment has always responded to all the requirements of security and characterized by high quality.

In our shop present the most popular products of our equipment manufacturers. Some products are not offered an online store, but we can deliver every product of producers with whom we cooperate. A full list of products can be found in catalogs available on the download page.

We have small workshop and worehouse on klövervägen 2 in Solna. Our clients are welcome to visit us, buy and order equipment however please contact with us before comming by email or mobile. Times to buy or order equipment can be agree. We usually have regular open hours during one day in week and we annouce it on startpage, please contact us before comming.


Terms & Conditions

We inform that the prices of the products shown on the website are prices of their contracts. Because of rather abrupt changes in the value of the euro price of our products may change. Current prices of the products will be available to the customer at the time of order confirmation.

Any changes in Order conditions can be maked only after individual agreement between En garde Fencing Equipment Supplier and our clients.

1. Ordering

Login to our webshop, add all informations which are needed to delivery and invoice, add mobile nummer for SMS avisering for delivery (otherwise post avisering costs extra)

When ordering please indicate the exact item number, size, product quantity, the version of handedness and the address of destination. Please use our online web shop.

After your order inquiry we will reply within 3 working days and give you complete invoice to confirm your order. Please NOTE that our prices may decrease or increase a little bit if the SEK/EUR exchange rate fluctuates significantly.

After ordering and its acknowledgement the possible amendments could be accepted only when the package is not closed or in case of special items, sizes as long as the process of production has not been started.

2. Delivery

After payment we inform our customers in full details about the delivery.

The term of delivery depends on the applied mode of delivery and its destination. Usually it takes 3-21 working days depends of ordered equipment is on stock and from which producer is ordered. Equipment which is on stock can be sanded immediately after payment.

The date of dispatch depends on the quantity of the ordered goods and their possible special requirements.

Our prices do not include the costs of packing end delivery.

We reserve the right to part-deliveries (if no other possibility exists).

Customers from Stockholm can pick up order by them self in our shop in Solna wihtout shipping cost (phone or email contact needed)

Please be informed that price for sending weapons, blades and rollbags can be higher than this in order confirmation, price for sending small parts, glovec etc can be lower than this in order confirmation

3. Payment

Payments shall be effected in ALL cases in advance. Payments via invoice for products which were bought in our shop during visit should be on our account during 10 days after receiving invoice.

In case of any extra requirements and sizes additional costs shall be charged about which the customer will be naturally informed in advance.

Part-payments could not be accepted

When paying after due date are charged interest on late payments whith compensation for reminders á 50 kr and inkasokrav rate law

Late payments interest 11%

4. Open purchase, exchange right and return policy

Since most of our products are ordered at the customer's request, we can not allow open purchase. Be careful when you order and think through the order!

Ask us if you'r not certain what  you want to order!

Exchanges of goods bought in the shop does not apply to blades, weapons, vests and electrical vests with custom names prints.

Exchanges of shoes, jackets, pants, plastronger and masks are valid for 14 days and can be replaced by another of the same model! NOTE changing to another size can cause longer delivery times due to the stock status or the manufacturer's ability to deliver products.

Return policy (only for purchases through the webshop!) If you regret purchasing notify us immediately by email. Customers always pay for shipping.

Return policy does not apply to jackets and electrical vest with custom names prints.

5. Guarantee

The guarantee for the fencing equipment made and distributed by En garde is valid up to six months from the purchase.

The guarantee for the electric equipment is 12 months (parts supply: 5 years) and for the FIE fencing machines 2 years

This covers for the case if:

  1. the goods purchased are defective or manufacturing and material defects respectively arise during the guarantee period
  2. in case of a complaint within 48 hours the defective or yet unused goods will be replaced
  3. the defects occurring during the guarantee period will be repaired if they are reparable, if not, then replaced.
  4. Our guarantee obligation ends if the Buyer does not preserve or make available the defective goods in their defective state.

The guarantee does not cover the following cases:

  1. unprofessional and careless handling
  2. overstraining
  3. defective mounting
  4. defects caused by radical washing agents and not keeping to the wash instructions

Special terms:

  1. There is no guarantee period on the breakage of fencing blades. Their replacement covers only their material defects.
  2. The fencing blades stored in humid environment get oxidized.
  3. The electric jackets made of non-washable material depending on its usage would oxidize in the course of time.
  4. Also the foil of the non-FIE-masks and non-FIE-sabre cuffs can get oxidized.
  5. Complaints connected with the wearing of the sole of fencer’s shoes or of their leather surface are not accepted.
  6. The jamming of the fencing spool cable or dirty contacts are not defects.
  7. We do not accept complaints connected with injuries occurring on the fencing pistes, caused by their unprofessional mounting and de-mounting

Special price offer:

Our Supplier offer discount

Discount is available for single orders higher than 20 000kr  

Price of Fencing club equipment (cable reels, pistes, scoring machines) can be negotiated separately.

Discounts for single orders higher than 100 000kr will be negotiated separately.

6. Other conditions

Exchange of products: any product purchased could be exchanged only against product. Any cost occurring in connection with such an exchange (delivery, packaging etc.), rests upon the buyer. Only unused products could be exchanged.

Except the case when the size, product delivered by us does not correspond to the order or the product has some defect. In this case occuring costs are payed by our side.

Tailored, extra large outfit/clothing, name printed or national color painted uniform could not be exchanged. According to this, please indicate accurately the size when ordering.

Product alteration: Producers reserve the right at all times to make changes to their products. To follow these we draw your attention to our web site and catalogue.

Blades: bend, flexibility, hardness of the blades may differ a little bit within the determined standards.

Colors: Colors of the goods in their real appearance may vary a little bit from the printed catalogue or website colors. There could be slight color differences between two productions series (for example: blades, grips, leather, name, national color printing or PVC covers). Sometimes design, colors of the lining of the clothing’s or fencing bags are adjusted to the trend.

7. Personal data

By law, we must ask you to agree that we treat information about you. All information submitted to us or that we obtain when you visit our web store will be treated by En Garde as a data controller.

The information will be used in order that we in the purchase should be able to fulfill our commitments to you, draw your attention to deals within your own areas of interest and other marketing purposes. En Garde will never allow a third party to use your personal data for marketing purposes.

You have the right to request access to the personal information held about you. If they are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant you have the right to request that information be corrected or deleted.

8. Changes & Assortment product

We reserve the right to change the range. We reserve the right for any typos.

9. Force Majeure

In the event of war, natural disasters, strikes on the labor market, government decisions, lack of delivery from suppliers, costly event, and similar events beyond our control which is not reasonably foreseeable, and affects the contractual agreements and commitments on our part, which disable us from keeping the agreement / pledge, shall constitute the basis that we are released.

How to shop

1. Shop for the products you are interested in by adding to the cart with the button 

2. Go to the Cashier by clicking on the Basket above and then at    or  

3. Select to log in to retrieve your saved customer information, or to go through the checkout as a guest. We recommend that you create an account with us so you can easily shop the next time you visit our shop.

4. Choose the method of delivery, payment method and finish by clicking on the 

5. If you have selected card payments so you will be redirected to a secure payment page where you are asked to enter your card details + your personal code for the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode.

6. When the purchase is completed we will send you an order confirmation by email to the email address you specified in the order.

7. The order is processed, packed and shipped usually the same day we receive your order which means an approximate delivery time of 1-3 days, depending on where in Sweden you live.

Email us at if you have any questions.


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